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Roebuck at sunrise in the spring.jpg

Submission guidelines

These are the main things to bear in mind when it comes to submitting images into Deer Photographer of the Year,

  • You can submit photographs of any deer species.

  • Post processing is allowed, but nothing is to be added or removed from the original scene*.

  • The deer can be photographed anywhere (eg rural, urban, coastal, etc...) at any time (eg taken during any year / season) - but, please, no photographs farm or captive animals. Deer parks are okay, though.

*If you want to read the full detailed post processing techniques that are allowed and those that are not allowed, please read the statement below taken from the terms and conditions statement:

"Submitted images are allowed to be post processed provided nothing is added or removed from the scene depicted of the original image and no attempt is made to cause deception. As a guide, the following processing techniques are allowed: cropping; adjustments to brightness, contrast and colour; dodge and burning, sharpening, use of a vignette; removal of sensor spots; and conversion to black and white. The following techniques are not permitted: removing and/ or adding objects through the use of cloning and / or other similar techniques for example, that accomplish the same; and compositing. In-camera multiple exposures, stitched panoramas, focus stacking and high dynamic range (H.D.R.) are permitted."  

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