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Deer Photographer of the Year aims to celebrate the life of deer by showcasing compelling and ethical deer photography to inform, educate and inspire.  


With the exception of the the under 18 category, all category winners will be used to determine which photograph will be chosen as the overall winner.  

Deer live in a diverse range of habitats, have a distinctive physiology, exhibit a large range of behaviours and are active throughout the year, so we've divided the competition into the categories shown below in order to accommodate as many of your photographs as possible.


Please note that you are able to enter colour and black and white photographs into any category and there is no limit to how many images you can enter into each one.

Categories to enter

For entrants aged 18 or over:

'Portraits of Deer'

Images that capture the 'personality', 'character' or the 'essence' of deer. 

'Deer in their Habitat'

Photographs that show deer as part of the habitat, landscape or environment.

'Deer Behaviour'

We are looking for any natural behaviour of deer, which could be rare, unusual or difficult to photograph, or any commonly seen deer behaviour, but captured in good light or in an innovative way. 

'Deer and Humanity'

Since time immemorial, the lives of deer and humans have been intertwined, so in this category, we're looking for images that show any form of relationship or connection between deer and people.



Photographs showing deer, or anything related to deer, which does not fit into any of the other categories. 

For entrants under 18:

'Young Deer Photographer of the Year'

Any photographs showing deer or anything related to deer. 

Make good use of your photographs...

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