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If you have any questions about the competition you can, of course, contact us, but before you do that, it may be worthwhile looking through the FAQs below to see if your question has already been answered.

  • When does the competition open for entries?
    1st September 2023.
  • When does the competition close?
    30st November 2023.
  • Who can enter?
    Anyone of any nationality.
  • How much does it cost to enter?
    Entries are made by using credits - each entry requires one credit. Credits can be purchased when the competition opens (1st September 2023 through to 30th November 2023) at the following rates: 3 credits for £6 10 credits for £10 20 credits for £15 40 credits for £20 There is no limit of the number of credits you can buy.
  • Can anyone under 18 enter?
    Yes. As long as their parent / guardian gives their permission to enter the competition, yes - under 18 can register and enter the competition. Under 18s can only enter their photographs into the category Young Deer Photographer of the Year Aged 10 or Under OR Young Deer Photographer of the Year Aged 11 to 17.
  • Can entrants aged 18 years and above enter the categories reserved for people under the age of 18?
    No. The under 18 categories are reserved for entrants under 18s only.
  • When it comes to determining what age group of category I should enter, what are the key dates when someone needs to be a certain age?
    30th November 2023. To enter the age 18 and above categories: These categories are open to those aged 18 and above on 30th November 2023. To enter the Young Deer Photographer of the Year Aged 11 to 17 category: This is open to those aged 11 to 17 inclusive on 30th November 2023. To enter the Young Deer Photographer of the Year Aged 10 and Under category: This is open to those aged 10 or under on 30th November 2023.
  • Can someone aged 18 or under enter the adult competition.
    People under the age of 18 can only enter those categories for people under age 18 - Young Deer Photographer of the Year Aged 10 or Under OR Young Deer Photographer of the Year Aged 11 to 17.
  • What are the requirements for images submitted into the competition?
    The first image uploaded for any entry: Must be a JPG (or JPEG file), no larger than 2MB. For all shortlisted entries or those making through to stage 2: One high resolution JPG (or JPEG) file and a RAW file no larger than 256MB. If a RAW file is not available, an original and unaltered JPG (or JPEG) file can be used.
  • Can any nationality enter?
    Yes, we encourage entries from all nationalities.
  • Will I get feedback about my entries?
    We are unable to give feedback about your entries - the large number of images submitted would make giving feedback unmanageable.
  • Will the competition return my entry?
    No, you must keep a copy of all images submitted into the competition.
  • How and when will I know if any entry of mine has been shortlisted?
    We will send you an email and a message will appear on your account's dashboard - in February or March 2024.
  • What images can be entered?
    Any images of any deer at any time, provided the deer is not a farm animal or captive animal. Deer parks are okay.
  • Can I use Photoshop or other software to edit my photos?
    Basically, yes - but nothing must be added or removed from the original scene. If you want to read the full, official rule, see below: "Submitted images are allowed to be post processed provided nothing is added or removed from the scene depicted of the original image and no attempt is made to cause deception. As guide, the following processing techniques are allowed: cropping; adjustments to brightness, contrast and colour; dodge and burning, sharpening, use of a vignette; removal of sensor spots; and conversion to black and white. The following techniques are not permitted: removing and/ or adding objects through the use of cloning and / or other similar techniques for example, that accomplish the same; and compositing. In-camera multiple exposures, stitched panoramas, focus stacking and high dynamic range (H.D.R.) are permitted."
  • Can I enter a photo that has been published in a magazine, newspaper, etc..
  • Can I enter someone else's photo?
    No, you must only enter your own photograph(s) that you personally own all the rights of copyright to and any other rights connected to that image.
  • Can I enter a photo that has been posted on social media or on another website?
  • What is the maximum number of entries I can enter?
    Unlimited - you can enter as many images as you want to.
  • Can I enter any species of deer?
    Yes, the competition is open to any species of deer.
  • Does it matter when the photo was taken?
    No - submitted images could have been taken at any time.
  • When will I know if my photo has won an award?
    The official announcement of the winners will be made in the summer 2024.
  • Why does it take so long to announce the winners?
    The competition is committed to high standards - therefore, to ensure the judging process is thorough, the judges must take their time to assess all the submitted images. The time taken for the whole process is approximately inline with many other photography competitions. We appreciate your patience.
  • Does it matter in what country the deer photo was taken?
    No, you can enter deer photos taken in any country at any time.
  • Is the competition open to amateur and professional photographers?
    Yes - anyone can enter.
  • Does it matter what camera was used to take the photo?
    No, you can enter images taken on any camera.
  • Can I enter an image into more than one category?
    For those aged 18 or above, yes, but not the categories for those under the age of 18. For those under 18, no - if you are under the age of 18 you can only enter your photos into either the category of Young Deer Photographer of the Year Aged 11 to 17 or Young Deer Photographer of the Year Age 10 and Under.
  • Are multiple exposures allowed?
    Yes. Photographs featuring in-camera multiple exposures are allowed.
  • Does it matter if a photograph was taken on my phone?
    You can use ANY camera - a phone camera is okay.
  • Can denoise software be used for post processing an image?
    Yes, denoise / noise reduction software is allowed.
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